Happy McPartlin

Happy McPartlin

Happy McPartlin

Eunice is a much loved character in the First National Tour of MEMPHIS. Happy created quite a back story for this character and cast members enjoyed interacting with her as Eunice backstage. After much laughter and entertainment with Happy as Eunice, a comedy web series took off, starring Happy...as Eunice! Check out each episode by clicking on the YouTube videos below.

Eunice Bio:
Eunice is a hard-working make-up lady on Huey Calhoun's Cavalcade Television Program. She loves to take care of Huey Calhoun and provides him with support, cigarettes, booze, or whatever he desires. Eunice will also gladly partake in anything involving cigarettes or booze. Though she can overdo it with the substances, she loves her job and works hard. Eunice often forgets or mis-pronounces names, but she has a good heart underneath it all.

The Eunice Show, Episode 1:

The Eunice Christmas Special:

Eunice's Drunken New Year's Eve Special

Eunice Valentine's Day Special

Eunice St. Patrick's Day Special

Eunice Farewell Special